Titus pictured with vocal students at a master class with Broadway's Laura Osnes

"The vocal progress I have made under the instruction of Titus Kautz is undeniable and far greater than I thought was ever possible. The steps I have taken towards tension free singing, the consistency of my vocal health, and comfortability in my voice has never been stronger. Titus has also increased my usable vocal range tremendously in less than 1 school year of lessons. [My past] comfortable and accessible range was roughly an A3-F5 on a good day. With Titus I am hitting E3s and A6s comfortably and with ease. 


... I say with sincerest authenticity that Professor Kautz is one of, if not the best instructors I have ever worked with. He cares so deeply and personally for each and every one of his students and that shows in the amount of outside time and energy he invests in all of us and this department. UND is incredibly fortunate to have an instructor of his caliber here, and I cannot speak highly enough of him."

-Gina, Junior BFA Student at UND

What do students have to say?

"When I think of a voice teacher, I think of someone who is warm, supportive, and intelligent. Titus Kautz goes above and beyond this definition. He holds the most positive environment for his voice lessons and even has created his door of inspiration to keep encouraging his students to grow, not only vocally, but mentally too.

Due to Titus’ experience performing he knows what it takes to be a Musical Theater performer. Additionally, he holds a M.M. in Musical Theater/Opera Performance from Arizona State University, so while he fully understands what it takes to be a performer, he also knows how to train a performer.

Personally, I have struggled with figuring out my type and my special vocal qualities, but Titus has opened up many new doors for me to find the joy in the process and celebrating the little successes, rather than focusing on the product and beating myself up if it did not go perfectly. This is what makes me so excited for my voice lesson every week.

Lastly, I would like to point out how after all four years of my collegiate experience as a BFA, not one student has ever grown as much in a year, let alone a semester as they have when working with Titus Kautz. The voice is the most vulnerable instrument there is as it is truly connected to the soul. Without a safe environment to be allowed to try things and make mistakes, one will never be able to grow as much as they need to. It is an honor to call him my voice teacher."

-Bethany, Senior BFA Student at UND

"He also is able to approach how he is teaching in such a flexible way that is applicable to all types of learners. He is able to explain vocal technique approaches visually—with imagery, technically—anatomically, and through detailed explanation. Whenever I am confused about an idea or question, he is able to rephrase things or approach the idea/question in a new way until I am able to understand clearly. This is SO important in a voice teacher, as you are learning to do a skill that requires a much more individualized teaching approach and deals with information that is brand new a lot of the time.

One of the most major immediate differences I noticed working with Titus this year ... was his INSANE knowledge of Musical Theatre Songs/Shows. He has found pieces not only for me, but for EVERY student that match their voice type so perfectly. He is able to find pieces that we can bring to auditions that showcase our voices to the best of our ability; I had a number of callbacks this year where I was told my choice of song (picked by Titus) was one of the reasons I was allotted those opportunities. He picks songs for us that push us out of our comfort zones, are appropriate for our vocal/acting abilities, and that give us the greatest opportunities for growth."

- Veronica, Junior BFA Student at UND

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