Music Director. Pianist. Vocal Coach. Performer.

"Music director Titus Kautz leads a great band ..."

Annie Get Your Gun, Rolla Daily News

"And Titus Kautz’s multiple characters, Amiens, William and Jack each drew our attention - especially the moments where he sang. In a word? Wow."

As You Like It, Phelps County Focus

"Titus Kautz ... did an outstanding job. One would have thought there was a much larger group of musicians." 

Lucky StiffRolla Daily News

"Titus Kautz deliver[s] a stunning "Sorry-Grateful." Kautz's deep, rich voice resonates, as does his portrayal of Joanne's put-upon husband Larry, a character I've seen in numerous productions delivered more as a throw away part, but that's not the case here."

Company, Talkin' Broadway 

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